February 15, 2012

Cell Tower Thwarted by Homeowners Hiring Expert

An ocean community was informed by a large cell phone service provider that a new cell tower would be located in their community. The placement of the tower was to enhance the current signal strength. However, many in the community, including its board, thought the position of the tower would detract from the oceans-side setting and have a negative effect on home values.

One of the community members was a lawyer and knew the board would need a technical expert to help make their case with the county zoning board. The community contacted CECON and hired a radio frequency (RF) expert to visit their community, take several readings for the proposed new tower’s position, and compare these readings to existing readings and alternate locations, utilizing RF modeling techniques and his experience with similar assignments. The technical expert testified before the County zoning board and successfully refuted the carrier’s claim that the selected location was optimal and necessary.

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