March 30, 2012

Guidelines for Your Subject Matter Expert: Deposition

Whether you have a well qualified legal expert who is testifying for the first time, a seasoned expert witness who could use a refresher, or are looking for a document you can use to consistently brief all your experts, the following article is a good resource:

March 22, 2012

Medical Stent Technology Primer

We are seeing an increase in the number of legal cases involving medical stents. We thought it might be interesting to get a technical perspective on how these stents work. Dr. Stanley Tocker has several patents in stent technology and shares the following:

Surgical stents are complicated, coated metal, mesh-like flexible tubular devices for improving blood flow in arteries by reducing plaque blockage (restinosis). As foreign bodies, stents themselves are anchor sites where plaque build-up can occur. Hence, these devices are coated with proprietary polymers containing powerful slow releasing anti-clogging chemicals.

March 16, 2012

What to ask an Expert in your Initial Interview

We know that finding the right expert for your case or project is crucial. Your interview is an opportunity to learn more about the expert’s background, assess personality fit, and evaluate the expert’s presentation skills.  

During your initial interview with an expert, we suggest you:

March 8, 2012

The Role of the Expert Witness in Assessing Witness Reliability

In response to a legal report today that Pennsylvania may allow expert witnesses to offer opinions on circumstances where research shows that eyewitnesses may be unreliable, a CECON expert offers the following perspective:

As a human factors psychologist and one who couldn’t recognize his exact double walking down the street towards me, I would like to comment on the role of the expert in assessing eyewitness reliability. The article points out that research has shown there are many factors that affect eyewitness identification reliability and the article mentions only a very few. Could a witness distinguish between twins? Or ignore some noticeable characteristic of clothing? 

March 7, 2012

Do You Hire a Subject Matter Expert When Your Client is a Technical Expert?

CECON was consulted on a case involving intellectual property infringement. The plaintiff was the owner of a patent on laser cutting of cardiac stents, but the attorney determined an independent expert could help in this case. CECON located a laser expert to aid the plaintiff. The expert analyzed the production methods and equipment used by defendant, compared them to the patent in detail, and testified in deposition.  The jury found for the plaintiff.

In this case, an outside expert added credibility and detail.  Do attorneys tend to skip utilizing an outside expert when their own client is a qualified expert?

To learn more about the expert in this case, click here