April 27, 2012

Cosmetics Contain Harmful Ingredients

From the CECON case files:

Situation: A consumer suffered severe eye damage after use of an under eye wrinkle cream.

Expert Need: Determine whether the cream contained an ingredient that caused the damage.

April 19, 2012

Pharmaceutical GMP Expert Hiring Guidelines

The attached link is a re-post of an article geared towards pharmaceutical consultants, but offers tips that are useful when hiring a consultant or expert witness in any field. Tips # 2 and 3 – “Determine the hard and soft skills required” and “They really must have worked in the industry” are particularly pertinent.
The CECON Group has many experts in pharma consulting, with specialists in  clinical trial design,  toxicology, FDA Compliance,  drug delivery technology,  packaging,  drug safety, and drug licensing. We have been providing technical experts and consulting services to our clients since 1985.

April 13, 2012

Guidelines for Your Subject Matter Expert: Initial Client Contact

Our initial blog posting with resources for first time expert witnesses and seasoned witnesses alike was very well received. This is actually a prequel – the steps and processes important at the earlier stages of an engagement that work together to make an expert witness successful. 

April 5, 2012

Chemical Explosion Requires Root Cause Analysis

(From the CECON case files – Chemical Explosion in a Refinery Unit) 

A worker was injured in an explosion and fire while operating a refinery unit. There were multiple safety and insurance claims to resolve. 

The plaintiff’s attorney conducted an expert search using several expert placement firms and was not able to find an expert who could perform a root cause analysis. The attorney contacted CECON and spoke with one of our technically trained Project Managers. The PM, a Ph.D. chemist himself with both the training and real world experience to understand the complex issues in this case, understood the process and specific expertise that was needed in this case. 

CECON was able to provide an expert engineer with hands-on operation knowledge regarding how a fluid coker works, the role of the bag house, safe operation of a coker, and control procedures and analysis of the opposition's deposition. The chemical expert determined the cause of the explosion was drying the product too rapidly.  The expert was instrumental in helping the client reach a favorable settlement.
CECON’s technically trained staff does more than just run a search through a computer database to find an expert. Our staff will discuss the case with you and provide insight into the technical nuances that can make the difference in finding the best expert for your case. 
CECON’s Project Managers are scientists and experts themselves with advanced degrees in technical disciplines and personal experience in various scientific and engineering fields. CECON has been providing consultants and expert witnesses to clients globally since 1985.