July 30, 2012

Consultants Help Improve Olympic Athletes’ Performance

Olympic athletes take our breath away as we wonder how they can swim that fast, jump that far, or navigate that balance beam so effortlessly.

Do you ever wonder how they do that?

Athletes train to maximize performance, using techniques that have proven effective over time. Increasingly, however, athletes are consulting with engineers and using advanced technology to help improve their performance.

Click here to learn about the science and engineering employed by Olympic athletes in various events. The clip entitled "Maximizing the Long Jump of Brian Clay" shows the technology and engineering consultants one athlete's sponsor provided to help fine tune the physics and angles of his jumps.

Will these consultants and their high tech techniques make the Olympics attainable for more people?

July 19, 2012

Software and Apps that Can Help Organize Case Files on Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Gone are the days of lugging heavy briefcases full of files and case notes to court, depositions, and client meetings. Technology has made it possible to organize data via apps and software on your easily portable electronic devices.

But which app or program is the right one for you? We have compiled a few articles that compare and contrast some of the available options. (Note – we have not tested these apps and do not endorse any of them).

Using Evernote to Manage your Case Files
TrialPad for iPad
iPad Apps for Lawyers & Law Firms
The 8 Most Essential Free iPad Apps for Attorneys
Five Great Free Android Apps for Attorneys
Trial Director Trial Presentation Software
FastCase Legal Research App for Android,iPad,and iPhone
The Case File Case Management System

Do you have an app or program for organizing case files that you would recommend? Have you used a Technology Consultant  when making software choices?