September 28, 2012

IP Protection Tested in International Markets

An article in the September 17, 2012 issue of Chemical & Engineering News discusses how Landmark drug patent protection cases involving Bayer, Roche, and Novartis are advancing in India this month. Together, they will help determine how friendly the country is to Western pharmaceutical makers.”
“Although each case involves its own complex scientific and legal circumstances, drug makers and patient activists are watching the disputes for the tone they collectively will set about intellectual property protection in India. Some observers see India as a model for the developing world.” (Click here to read full article).

As emerging countries seek to expand into new technologies to spur economic development, there are an increasing number of lawsuits involving patent infringement and trade secret protection. Large pharma companies not only want to protect their potential for revenue generation, they also seek to ensure a level of patent profitability to maintain eligibility for grants from health agencies to fund research for new medicines. The counter argument is that public health considerations are addressed when new medicines are allowed to either enter or be manufactured in developing countries.

What side of the argument do you favor?


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