March 28, 2013

Top 10 Expert Witness Qualifying Questions

Most attorneys have a standard list of questions they ask potential expert witnesses in their initial interview. How does the list below compare to your list?

1.      Do you have any relationship or conflicts of interest with any of the parties in this case?

2.      How many years of practical experience do you have in your field of expertise? Have you published any papers or received any patents in the last 5 years?

3.      How many times have you testified in court in the past 10 years?

4.      How do you safeguard sensitive case files on your laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices?

5.      How can your specific skill set help our case and how would you differentiate yourself from other candidates?

6.      What similar engagements have you worked on (without asking for confidential details) and challenges have you successfully tackled?

7.      Can you answer a technical question for me? (Assert a complex technical point, difficult for the untrained to understand. A good expert should be able to answer concisely using layman’s terms or a sound analogy. An expert whose answer is too technical may not make the best witness or consultant).

8.      Can you confirm the information contained in your CV / resume?

9.       Would you be willing to review a few non-confidential case documents and provide your insights? (See related article on this blog “Do you disclose case docs to potential experts?”)

10.  What additional information do you need from me to assess whether this engagement is a good  fit?

The CECON Group, Inc. has been providing technical expert witnesses to attorneys in science, engineering, and other technical fields for over 25 years. CECON has experts in more than 200 technical areas, such as Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Composites, Bio-Technology, Regulatory Compliance, Medical Devices, and many more.


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