April 25, 2013

The CECON Group Announces Partnership with DESCA

The CECON Group is pleased to be partnering with The Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (DESCA). DESCA is an alliance of Delaware based businesses focused on  sustainable/green chemistry through the growth of emerging companies, creation of high quality jobs, and development and commercialization of innovative technologies to benefit the environment

CECON will be managing DESCA’s new Domain Expert Network. Experienced and highly skilled experts will be assisting emerging companies and universities in the region and generating income for DESCA.

Services include advising emerging companies on development and commercialization of their sustainable chemistry technologies, and assessing and marketing green chemistry intellectual property for university tech transfer offices.

Since 1985, CECON has developed a worldwide network of consultants specializing in science, engineering, and technical business issues. The company offers consultants with expertise in over 200 technical disciplines and provides customized search support to help clients find the experts they need. Typical services include technical due diligence, regulatory compliance, interdisciplinary design teams, and material properties and processing evaluations.

Please contact us if you have a project that requires the expertise of our consultants

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