May 10, 2013

No More Dropped Cell Phone Calls ? Consultant Awarded Patent for Intelligent Signal Booster

CECON Consultant #  1595  was awarded a patent recently for technology that will boost cellular phone signals.

The present generation of non-intelligent boosters operates over the entire cellular and PCS spectra with no selective filtering, and with no ability to de-activate in urban areas.  They amplify and  rebroadcast any signal that they happen to pick up so when a cellular or PCS subscriber experiences chronic dropped calls, the chances are good that a broadband signal booster is the culprit.
The newly patented intelligent signal boosters know when to turn themselves on or off by incorporating GPS location sensing plus an electronic map of a wireless provider’s coverage area. The boosters amplify only on necessary channels because they have an electronic memory storing the frequencies of license for a particular carrier at a particular location.

Read more about this new technology here.

The author is a CECON consultant and co-inventor of the technology.  He is an expert in cellular telephony, radar, and radio wave transmissions. To learn more about this consultant, click here

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